These pages contain references and bibliographic details for the information found on this site.


United Nations documentation on Somali piracy

During the piracy epidemic, the United Nations maintained a webpage of UN documents on Somali piracy. It has not been updated for several years. The UN also provided links to domestic piracy legislation, but unfortunately it is also quite dated.


For other piracy-related documents, the UN provides a comprehensive, searchable repository of all its Security Council reports, Secretary-General reports, and other documentation in its Official Document System and Digital Library.

International Maritime Bureau documentation on Somali piracy

The IMB-PRC provides the most recent quarterly piracy report and annual report free of charge. Historic piracy reports and data (from 1991) can be obtained digitally from the IMB-PRC for a fee.

American Government documentation on Somali piracy

The Congressional Research Service produced a number of reports authored by Lauren Ploch and Ted Dagne on Somali piracy during the crisis. The reports linked below show the American Government's perspective on the Somali piracy epidemic and its response.